The Centre for Response-Based Practice is offering an 8 month intensive exploration of Response-Based Practice.

Presented by the Response-Based Practice team, Allan Wade, Ph.D., Linda Coates, Ph.D.,Catherine Richardson/Kineweskwêw, Ph.D., Shelly Dean, Ph.D., and colleagues using Response-Based Practice in diverse practice settings.

Each month there will be an online meeting that is three-hours in length, and 90 minute small group meetings via Moodle. The meetings, assignments, and readings are required in order to complete the certificate.

8 Month Intensive Exploration of Response Based Practice

The Key Topics include:

  • The strategies used by individuals who perpetrate violence
  • Links between different forms of violence
  • The nature of responses and resistance to violence
  • The connection between violence and language
  • The role of social network and institutional responses
  • Understanding social interaction in context
  • Supporting victims of violence

The program is meant for individuals who would like to enhance their knowledge of this social
justice, dignity-driven approach to address violence with individuals, couples, families,
children/youth and adults. The practice-focused and research informed material will cover
interviewing and related practice skills, application in supervision and leadership, and
adapting/integrating Response-Based Practice across roles and settings.

Join the community and benefit from conversations with colleagues who share an interest in
ending violence, promoting social justice, and improving institutional responses.

For more information, group rates, or to be added to the wait-list please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cost: $5000 USD